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Autowelcome, Autothanks, Leaderboard, Chatfilter, Notifier, HIDDEN CAM Show...mujeres's fine bot.

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Babybot will help you earn money and take over the moderator's functions.

Babybot has following next settings and functions:

1. Autoanswer for PM demand. Set to 0 if No PM, or -1 for ignore PM-request.
2. Autothanks for tips followed by the tipper's name;
3. Random thanks-banners;
4. Leaders top-3 (Leaderboard): Displays the top three tippers. There is also an option period in acta that displays the leaderboard. Also shows 5 first tippers num icon before usernickname in chat messages, and in autothanks messages;
5. Small gold crown for leader of the Leaders top-3;
6. Tippers sum next user name (exclude King, mods and fanclubers);
7. Sends copy of silenced by filter (16th setting) messages to broadcaster;
8. Greeting for users when they enter the room. The bot will replace %user% to user name. Default is:/Hello, %user%! Welocme to my room./ You may add your room rules here to.
9. "No location question" filter (default is on, set "No" for switch it off);
10. Género icons next user nicknames, grey gender icons for users without tokens;
11. Original icon next nickname for broadcaster with the bold and dark-blue font in chat, original icons for king, mods, fanclubmembers;
12. Displays the typical Adv. banners and messages for female model Set period (in min.) or 0 for off;
13. Custom Models Adv. messages and Banners rotation. Set separator ; between your messages, or keep the field blank for not display;
14. Display typical females model Tip hombresu. Set period (in min.), or 0 for do not display;
15. Tip menu color;
16. Anti Spam, rudeness, demands, graphics, caps, stick keys, phone number- filters for "grey" users. (Off by default);
17. Send copy of blocked messages to broadcaster;
18. Rudeness chat filter for have tokens (colors) users;
19. Non-English chat filter for haven't tokens (grays) users;
20. Allow Russian lang. messages in chat for have tokens, but did not tipped users;
21. Field for your Kings name. Also displays crown next King's user nick in chat. Just write you King Nickname, or Nickname and his max (per session) tip, f.e. pussylover 2500 The King pussylover will have free access for you Hidden Cam Show, also as you fan club members.
22. Rotate your King name in chat. Set period (min.) here, or set it 0 for do not rotate.

Some supported commands:
/h [price] or /start [price] - HIDDEN CAM Show. Single tip (price or more) is required to see you.
/s or /stop - stop HIDDEN CAM Show.
Default price is 20 toks (if you don't write price in command, it will set to 20 tks). F.e. command: /h 50
/hh [price] HIDDEN CAM Show with accumulated price, default accumulated price (if absent price value) is 20 toks. All who tipped required price or more before will see you Hidden show. F.e. command: /hh 50 the all who tipped before summary less than 50 will not see you.
/help or /? - See the all supported commands.

Initially, the bot was made for women. If you are a man, turn off display of rotating graphic banners and do not use the built-in Tip hombresu.

Check my an other Apps - "Damy_Tip_Goal" and "Baby Tip hombresu":
: Auto-reset, Custom Goal-notice, doesnt changes room subject.
: Single line or List Tip hombresu, custom color, custom separ. characters.

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Many thanks!

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